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Klaus Mann I

Klaus Mann, son of the famous writer Thomas Mann, had a lot of akes and pain in his short life. Born at the 18th of November in 1906 in munich as the oldest son of Thomas Mann, he had to write in the very dark shadow of his popular father. –

Though – or just because – this ‚backpacker‘, he was able to express his mind with the books ‚Mephisto‘ (movie with the german actor Klaus Maria Brandauer), in my parent’s house, child of this time, and his modern autobiographie The Turnig Point.

There is no silence, untill the end.“

Who talks about victory? Stand those things, that’s all.

(Rainer Maria Rilke)

Even if his with teen spirit filled and sometimes overbording language not for the taste of everyone, someones just judge it’s bad style, but nevertheless and not damaged by those kind of attacs, he presents the readership open hearded what was going on that time and in his soul.

Here one taste:

„Yes, he is crazy – thank god! [in the german language the adjective toll is polysem: First meaning is ‚fantastic, great, it’s second meaning is ‚crazy‘] In his crazyness he will he will sucess in a matter, where no diplomatic actions ever suceeded: To create an alliance between East and and West, between Moskau and Paris-London-Washington. If this big coalition really really came true and could be hold on, not only in war, but also afterwards – our civilisation perhaps could be saved. How thankfull want we be the crazy, fantastic (see above) Hitler (who then already would be a dead Hitler).“,

wrote at 29th of june 1941 Klaus Mann.-

Even this mixture of personal experiences and critical views into things that happened at those time, makes The turning point to an extraordinary book

Just read Klaus Mann!

Have another different, asthetic perspective on history.

1949 Klaus Mann comitted suicide.


Klaus Mann II